What are the different types of therapy?

Therapy comes in lots of different shapes and sizes. Certain approaches to therapy are better suited to certain issues. Likewise, some people naturally resonate with some approaches more than others.


Following your initial assessment, we’ll match you to a therapy approach we believe you’ll most benefit from. But very often a blend of approaches is the most beneficial. All of our psychologists are trained in multiple evidence-based therapies which means that they can adapt their approach throughout your sessions and as your treatment progresses.

Frequently asked questions

There are hundreds of different approaches to psychological therapy. At the clinic, we only offer approaches that have a good evidence-base for treating emotional difficulties. Different approaches to therapy target issues in different ways. The most important thing is that you have the right therapy for you.

Our team has many decades of experience matching clients to the right therapeutic approach.


Before you start therapy, you are likely to have a comprehensive assessment where we assess the history of your difficulties and match you to the therapeutic model which we believe is right for you.

During the triaging process, we will book your initial assessment with a therapist who we believe will be a good fit for your difficulties. However, sometimes through the course of the initial assessment it becomes apparent that you would be better suited to a different therapeutic approach. If this is the case for you, you will be allocated a different therapist who is an expert in this field.


There are also some situations in which we will allocate you a therapist who will definitely not be offering you therapy in an ongoing way. This is usually because we believe that your difficulties might be more complex and we therefore don’t want to make a judgement based on a phone call but rather through the assessment process.

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Athena Lazaridou

Athena is a Pilates instructor with 8 years’ experience in the field. After completing a Power Pilates Mat Certification in Athens, she went on to complete the Full Comprehensive Classical Pilates Certification with Equinox in Kensington.  She has been teaching Pilates at Equinox for the past 6 years in addition to her own private clients who she trains both face to face and virtually.

Athena has a passion for helping people get stronger and fitter as well as helping those recovering from injury regain their strength and mobility.  Over the years, she has worked with athletes to incorporate Pilates into their training and improve performance. Athena has also worked with prenatal and postnatal women who may be experiencing depression or other mental health difficulties and used Pilates to facilitate a positive impact on their mental health.

Athena is very passionate about improving physical and mental well-being and has recently incorporated Sound Healing into her work, as she believes it to be one of the best ways of ‘letting go’ and releasing stale energy whilst increasing greater self-awareness.