Personality Disorders

What is a personality disorder?

If you have a personality disorder, you’re likely to differ from an average person in terms of the way you think, feel or relate to other people.


Personality disorders typically emerge in adolescence and then continue into adulthood.


There are different types of personality disorders which come alongside different sets of symptoms. The different types of personality disorder are grouped into three clusters: A, B and C.

The different clusters of personality disorders

Cluster A personality disorders

  • Difficulty relating to others – often a lack of wish to form relationships
  • Odd and eccentric behaviours

The types of personality disorder that fall under cluster A are paranoid, schizoid and schizotypal.

Cluster B personality disorders

  • Difficulty relating to others but often there is a wish to form close relationships
  • Dramatic, emotional and unpredictable behaviours

The types of personality disorder that fall under cluster B are borderline, antisocial, histrionic and narcissistic.

Cluster C personality disorders

  • Difficulty relating to others, often there is a wish to form close relationships
  • Anxious and fearful thinking and behaviour

The types of personality disorder that fall under cluster C are avoidant, dependent and obsessive-compulsive (the latter being a different diagnosis to obsessive-compulsive disorder).

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Treatment for personality disorders

Therapy is the main form of treatment for personality disorders. Dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) and mentalisation-based treatment (MBT) have been shown to be effective for the treatment of borderline personality disorder (BPD). Schema therapy (ST) and cognitive analytic therapy (CAT) have a wider applicability and can be effective approaches for the treatment of a range of different types of personality disorder.


Our psychologists are highly experienced in the treatment of personality disorders. Our Consultant Psychiatrist is also a specialist in this area and can offer medication reviews as and when needed.

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If you find that your relationships are suffering big ups and downs, you’re having difficulties with anger, self-harm or you’re experiencing suicidal thoughts, it’s really important that you seek the appropriate support.

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