Neurodevelopmental Assessments

What are neurodevelopmental disorders?

Neurodevelopmental disorders are conditions that affect the way the brain functions. These impairments may be mild and allow a person to live a fairly normal life. In other cases, they may be more severe and require lifelong support.

These disorders include: intellectual disability, autism spectrum condition, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, motor disorders and specific learning disorders.


Autism assessment for adults

An autism diagnostic assessment is a comprehensive process. It usually requires at least three separate, hour-long meetings. We will explore different aspects of your life, before arriving at a diagnostic conclusion. Your clinician will go through each step of the diagnostic assessment with you.


Typically, an autism assessment will involve the following:

  • A clinical interview to understand your current difficulties and early life experiences
  • A social communication observation assessment
  • (If available) a developmental history interview with a parent or an informant interview with someone who knows you well

Sometimes, we may require additional assessment meetings to gather further information. If this is the case, this is something we will discuss with you.

What to expect at the feedback session?

After we have gathered all the necessary information, we will meet again to discuss the diagnostic outcome. There are three possible outcomes:

  • You meet the diagnostic criteria for ASC
    • We will explore therapy options for your difficulties
  • You do not meet the diagnostic criteria for ASC
    • We will think about differential diagnoses or more appropriate ways of understanding your difficulties. We will also discuss the kind of help that you would benefit from
  • We are not able to conclude at this stage
    • Some people may have experienced complex trauma or mental health difficulties. The effects on their well-being and functioning may need to be addressed before considering a neurodevelopmental diagnosis

Ultimately, our aim is to find the best way to understand you and your needs, and identify the most helpful way of finding you the best support.

What is the cost of a private autism assessment for adults?

The cost of an Adult Autism Diagnostic Assessment starts from £2100. Please contact our clinic directly to discuss the fees.


ADHD assessment for adults

An ADD/ADHD assessment consists of a general psychiatric assessment and a specialist ADHD assessment. This will include validated self-report questionnaires and a gold standard diagnostic interview for ADD/ADHD. Our specialist neurodevelopmental clinicians will then discuss treatment options with you which may include therapy and medication.


We will also need a family member – or someone who has known you from childhood – to provide a historical account of your difficulties.

Private ADHD assessment - how much does it cost?

The cost of an ADD/ADHD assessment starts from £1000. Please contact our clinic directly to discuss the fees.

Combined assessments

If you suspect you have symptoms of neurodiversity and you’re not sure whether you need an ASC or an ADHD assessment, we can offer a combined assessment for both. Your clinician will usually start by carrying out one assessment while trying to determine if the other is needed. At this point, another clinician will be brought into the process to carry out any additional psychometric questionnaires and interviews to help determine whether you meet the criteria for ADHD and/or ASC.

Frequently asked questions

When you contact the clinic, you will speak to our clinical triage team. If you suspect that you might be struggling with some form of neurodiversity, they will try to assess whether you need an ADHD or ASC assessment.

Following your appointment, you will see one of our specialists in this area who will determine whether you meet the criteria for these diagnoses using a range of specialist tools and clinical interviews.

When you reach out to us, we will ask a series of questions to help determine whether it’s best to start with one of these assessments. However, it is relatively common for people to suspect that they might be struggling with both ADHD and ASC. If this is the case for you, we would recommend that you have our combined ADHD and ASD assessment which will explore whether you meet the diagnostic criteria for both conditions.

Aside from your follow up appointment where we will discuss your diagnosis in detail with you, we also offer a range of psychological therapies and groups which are geared towards helping people manage ADHD and ASC.

If you have ADHD, there will also be the option of medication which will be discussed with you at your follow up appointment.

Combined ASC/ADHD assessments start at £3,000.

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